Inventors Hall of Fame


"Honoring Korea's Inventors and Inventions"

  • Tracing the history of inventors in Korea gives momentum to the creative environment, spirit and dreams of the new generation. Against this backdrop, the Korean lntellectual Property Office (KIPO) has set up an Inventors Hall of Fame at its complex in Daejeon. Modern society, with its thirst for knowledge, emphasizes the importance of inventors and creative individuals. The Hall of Fame honors the spirit of creativity and invention. This spirit is the driving force behind the advancement of society and civilization and for the common prosperity of everyone on earth.


  • Theme: Toward the world of creativity
  • Purpose: To educate the general public, to commemorate the history and achievements of Korean inventors and to create an atmosphere that energizes the inventive spirit in everyone. The outstanding products of inventors contribute to national competitiveness and boost pride and morale.

Guide to Korean Inventors Hall of Fame

Opening Hours
  • Monday to Friday : 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays : closed
Contact Points for
visiting the Inventors
Hall of Fame
  • Korean Inventors Hall of Fame: Tel (042) 481-5940
  • The Hall of Fame can be viewed free of charge.
  • Ground floor, Government Complex Daejeon Building 4, 189, Cheongsa-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon, 35208, Republic of Korea

Inventors Hall of Fame E-brochure

Inventors Hall of Fame

The Charter of Invention

The spirit of invention promotes the prosperity and development of humankind, and its importance grows day by day with the advancement of the knowledge-based society. By recognizing the tremendous creativity of our ancestors, who invented the world's first metal printing type, all Koreans can help foster a society in which the spirit of invention is respected and creative inventors are esteemed. The National Campaign of Invention Promotion aims to promote the spirit of invention as a national strategy for the twenty-first century.
We proclaim our commitment to the following principles.

  • Inventions can be created by anyone.
  • The government should promote an educational environment in which students from an early age appreciate the importance of creativity and develop a familiarity with inventions.
  • Inventions should be protected fairly and expeditiously as intellectual property rights.
  • Everyone should respect intellectual property as an important asset, and the government should protect intellectual property.
  • Inventions should be utilized for industry to promote human welfare and the economic development of nations.
  • Inventions should be respected in accordance with international regulations, regardless of the inventor's nationality.
  • Inventions should comply with ethical standards, and intellectual property rights should be administered fairly.
  • Last updated 20 April 2023
  • Intellectual Property Promotion Division