2010 Annual Report

Message from the commissioner
Overview of 2010
Statistical overview of 2010
Highlights of 2010
Customer-Friendly, Establishing Intellectual Property Services
  • Fast and accurate examination and trial services
    • Keeping examination pendency periods competitive
    • Constructing infrastructure for examinations
    • Quality management system
  • Customer-tailored service for examinations and trials
    • Establishment of customized patent/utility-model examination services
    • Two-track trademark/design examination system
    • Customer-tailored three-track patent trial process implemented
  • Improving an intellectual property system
  • IP information system
Widely, Global IP Cooperation
  • International cooperation to expand collaboration in examination
  • IP-based support for developing and least developed countries
    • IP sharing campaign
    • IP automation systems and training in developing countries
Strongly, IP Capacity Building
  • Fostering IP experts
    • Raising local awareness of IP
    • IP capacity building for SMEs
Fairly, Toward an IP-Respected Society
  • Reinforced IP protection
    • Domestic IP protection activities
    • Overseas IP protection system
    • IP activities for people who are socio-economically disadvantaged
    • Convenient service for customers
Statistical Data
  • Last updated 8 November 2010
  • Trade and Cooperation Division