2013 Annual Report

Message from the commissioner
Organizational Chart of KIPO
Action plan for an IP-based Creative Economy
2013 Statistical Overview
2013 Highlights
Providing IP Services
  • Examination Services
  • Trial Services
  • Improving the IP System
  • IP Office Automation System
  • Enhancing Customer Services
Promoting the Creation and Utilization of IP
  • Linking R&D and IPRs
  • Creating and Promoting the Utilization of Quality IP
  • Regional IP Capacity Building
  • Enhancing IP Capacity of SMEs
  • Fostering the Development of an IP Workforce
  • Promoting Inventions
Enhancing IP Protection
  • Activities to protect IPs in Korea
  • Helping Industries Protect IPs Overseas
Global OP Cooperation
  • Lead role in multilateral fora
  • FTA Negotiations on IP
  • Sharing IP
  • Examination Cooperation
  • International IT Cooperation
  • International Seminars and Training Courses
Statistical Data
  • Last updated 8 May 2014
  • Trade and Cooperation Division