International Education

As an official international IP training institute of WIPO, IIPTI offers several training courses each year for examiners and foreign government officials in developing and the least developed countries and pursues international cooperation projects in order to increase the awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

WIPO Seminars

International seminars in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • In conjunction with WIPO, IIPTI has hosted 2~4 international seminars each year with WIPO on international IP issues since its foundation such as WIPO Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar and PCT Seminar on IP.
  • Ever since being selected as the first official IP training institute of WIPO in the world in March 2006, IIPTI has been hosting increasing number of international seminars every year.

IP Professional Development Training courses/programs

Organize 3~4 training courses/programs annually on IP issues in cooperation with WIPO in order to enhance the knowledge of examiners of the principles of law and examination procedures, increase the skills and competence to be required for examination practice, and provide an opportunity to exchange views on issues related to examination quality.
  • √ KIPO-WIPO Advanced Training Course for Patent Examiners
  • √ KIPO-WIPO Advanced Training Course on Trademark Law and Examination
  • √ KIPO-WIPO Advanced Training Course in Design Law and Examination
  • √ Korea-WIPO Summer School on IP
  • √ KIPO-KOICA Training Course on Intellectual Property Rights for ASEAN Member States
  • All the participants are required to complete Distance Learning phase and a post-training supervised project/assignment phase in order to enhance overall training effectiveness.
  • Several training courses are organized for examiners in the developing and the least developed countries in the fields of patent, trademark, and design.
  • In addition to it, IIPTI has been offering IP courses, targeting university students and young professionals in cooperation with WIPO. Participants get the opportunity to gain practical experience from leading industry experts, academics and public sector officials about the relationship between IP and policy, technology, and socio-economic development.
  • IIPTI offers training programs for countries with less developed IP systems in cooperation with Korea Interenaitonal Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Participants are from Asia-Pacific, Africa, and South America.

Bespoke Training Programs for Foreign Government Officials and Examiners

Offer customized training programs to government officials and examiners from requesting countries aiming to strengthen the capacity of examiners and enhance examination quality by offering theory-based lectures on topics such as examination guidelines and IP-related regulations, and practical system-based sessions to apply what participants learn from the course to their work.
  • √ Training Course on IP for Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SAIP)
  • √ Training Course on IP for Patent Office of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCCPO)
  • √ Training course on Patent Examination for Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam (IP Viet Nam)
  • √ Workshop on Patent Examination for Patent Examination Cooperation Hubei Center of the Patent Office (CNIPA)
  • Upon the request from countries, IIPTI has been offering tailored training courses for foreign government officials and examiners in order to help them enhance their knowledge of IP and work capacity.
  • Training programs solely focus on sharing IIPTI's know-how in IP knowledge and IP developments.
  • Last updated 11 May 2023
  • International Education Division