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IP Panorama 2.0 is an e-learning program which teaches how to utilize and manage IP for business success.

Developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), and the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), IP Panorama 2.0 is an updated version of the original IP Panorama program which was released in 2007.

IP Panorama 2.0 represents a significant leap forward from its predecessor as the entire program has been updated to utilize microlearning techniques and feature a modern design, recent case studies, and more. The original 13 course modules have been reduced to eight and sub-divided to reflect current trends in e-learning, with shorter educational segments for mobile-friendly content.

It was officially launched at the 2022 WIPO General Assembly.

Module 01. The Role of IP
  • m01_2023.jpg
  • · Five different types of IP and its roles in business
    · The difference between IP and IPR
    · Why IP is important to a business
    · The need for alignment between the business and IP strategy
Module 02. IP and IPR as Tools in Utilisation
  • m02_2023.jpg
  • · The difference between an exclusive right and an exclusionary right
    · The difference between utilisation and commercialisation
    · The various routes to the end user
    · The categories of threshold points that should be taken into account before converting an IP creation into a product, process, or service for use by an end user
Module 03. Different Forms of IP and IPR
  • m03_2023.jpg
  • · There are many treaties, agreements and conventions for IPRs, but IPRs are a jurisdictional right
    · The forms of IP and the corresponding IPRs
    · The requirements for protection for the various IPRs
Module 04. How To Ensure Your Business is e-Savvy
  • m04_2023.jpg
  • · The forms of IPR that are relevant when establishing a web presence
    · Do's and Don'ts when establishing a web presence
Module 05. The IP Strategy
  • m05_2023.jpg
  • · Understand how your business views the IP system
    · The ten steps in formulating an IP strategy
    · Define the key factors in internal & external IP strategies
Module 06. IP Audit
  • m06_2023.jpg
  • · The definition of an IP audit
    · Reasons to conduct an IP audit
    · Types of IP audits
    · The steps to take when conducting an IP audit
Module 07. IP Infringement
  • m07_2023.jpg
  • · Understand infringement of IPRs
    · Explain infringement of copyrights, trademarks, and patents
Module 08. IP Utilisation
  • m08_2023.jpg
  • · List the different forms of IP utilisation
    · Explain the difference between licensing and franchising
    · Understand the role of ongoing IP management and utilisation in growing and scaling a business
  • Last updated 25 May 2023
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