KIPO's AT projects

Field Survey > Prior Art Search > Research & Development > Technology application & localization 

1. Field survey
  • Survey the needs of consumers by investigating local problems, requirements, circumstances, lifestyles, cultures, etc.
  • Form a communication channel for local residents in the target area to smoothly conduct business operations
2. Prior art search
  • Conduct analysis of technologies necessary for the target region
  • Conduct a prior art search of the technological fields based on the technology analysis
3. Research & development
  • Develop a product based on the prior art search results
  • Complete the development of the product after receiving feedback and conducting tests
4. Technology application & localization
  • Conduct a model operation for localization of the product
  • Transfer technology to local residents after receiving successful outcome of tests
5. Commercialization
  • Commercialize products to generate income for local residents
  • Develop stable business operations for the local community

KIPO's Global IP Sharing-Appropriate Technology Development

KIPO’s Global IP Sharing-Appropriate Technology Development

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