Medicinal Plants/Herbs Dryer and Its DB AApplication Project



Development Period



To develop the herb-drying technology in order to minimize the loss of waste during the process of drying herbs and maintain the essential properties of medicinal herbs.
To improve the quality of medicinal herbs.
To enhance the management of the medicinal herb database through the development of an application.
To design the brand to improve the commercial value of the products utilizing dried herbs.

Current Situation

Once the herb dryers were delivered and installed in the target area, they were tested for how they improved the quality of various medicinal herbs. Due to the development of the herb database, it is much easier for local people and officers in charge to manage the database of medical herbs in Bhutan. The local community has benefited from the improved quality of herbs and increased income following the development of the new herb dryers. At the national level, people across the country are able to benefit from the improved herbs. The national government plans to roll out the best practices and guidelines from the projects which were implemented in the target area.

Medicinal Plants/Herbs Dryer and Its DB AApplication Project

  • Last updated 18 February 2021
  • Trade and Cooperation Division