Grating Machines for Cassava Project


Dominican Republic(Santo Domingo)

Development Period



To develop advanced and efficient cassava grating machines to improve productivity.
To address the problems regarding hygiene in the target area (Santo Domingo).
To help increase residents' income and improve their well-being in the target area by developing and disseminating the technology as well as providing assistance for the acquisition of the brand for the products.

Current Situation

After KIPO developed the advanced grating machines for cassava (one for a household and six for villages), they have been widely utilized because they are easy to manufacture and users can maintain them. As users received training during the project, they are able to assemble the main parts of the machine and maintain it without assistance from the skilled Korean experts. The machines are environmentally-friendly and only use moderate amounts of electricity.
As it is easy to dissemble and clean the main components of the machine, the hygiene problems which were caused by the traditional machines were resolved. This allows people to enjoy cassava in a safer and more hygienic way.
In addition, following the support of KIPO in developing the brand, people in the target area have increased awareness and understanding of the potential of cassava. They plan to set the medium- and long-term business strategy to be related to the machine and the products which utilize the machine.

Grating Machines for Cassava Project

  • Last updated 18 February 2021
  • Trade and Cooperation Division