Modern Beekeeping Project



Development Period



To develop modern and advanced bee hives and honey extractors suitable for the target area.
To enhance the quality of honey and related products.
To contribute to increased income and productivity.
To enhance the users' capability for maintenance management.
To improve the potential for the domestic and export market by developing a related brand.

Current Situation

KIPO developed the advanced bee hives and honey extractors and they were then delivered and installed in the target area. They were tested and underwent strict quality control to evaluate whether they were designed to suit the area's climate.
The Oromia regional government planned to make value-added products from honey and set the strategy to promote the honey market. Through the educational materials, local residents and people in charge of the project have been trained on how to use the advanced bee hives and honey extractors.

Modern Beekeeping Project

  • Last updated 18 February 2021
  • Trade and Cooperation Division