Smart Crop Dryer Project



Development Period



To develop a solar smart crop dryer for local farmers.
To preserve crops.
To provide a smart crop dryer for preserving animal feed for livestock.
To enhance the solar crop dryer techniques through collaborative R&D with a university in Uganda.

Current Situation

Uganda was faced with a myriad of problems because of rapid population growth, and this has had a direct impact on food supplies. Although Uganda has the highest rate of crop production in Africa, the quality and quantity of the crops is deteriorating. Furthermore, the losses are estimated to reach between 30% and 40% during crop drying because of poor drying techniques.
To solve these problems, KIPO developed a solar smart controller and crop dryer following collaborative R&D with Makerere University of Uganda. This dryer is efficient, durable and hygienic following the introduction of new Korean technology.
In addition, the Uganda Appropriate Technology Center was opened to make a virtuous circle and construct the value chain by connecting farmers, universities (suppliers), and corporations (buyers). After this project, KOICA supplied an additional four dryers for the project area which have been operating smoothly.

Smart Crop Dryer Project

  • Last updated 18 February 2021
  • Trade and Cooperation Division