Marketing Power of Products

Branding is the process by which the name or identity of a company, enterprise, or organization is communicated. Branding allows a company to differentiate its products and services from the competition by creating a bond with its customers. It helps position the company in the marketplace and creates customer loyalty. It generally reflects a prestigious image in order to attract more consumers.

A trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator which helps consumers identify products and services. The uniqueness of a trademark enables the products and services of one company to be distinguished from those of another. If a brand exclusively identifies its owner as the commercial source of particular products and services, the brand owner may seek to protect the brand by registering it as a trademark.

Let farmers and producers have their own brands and trademarks

Branding is one of the most powerful tools for leveraging the marketing power of products. However, farmers and producers in less developed economies seldom have the knowledge and/or capacity to brand their products. This prevents them from receiving the maximum price for their products.

The benefits of branding and the intellectual property right (IPR) system are not just for global enterprises. Farmers and producers in remote regions can benefit from branding and protecting their unique products through the IPR system. Establishing effective brand strategies for their products and protection of their brands through proper IPR channels will maximize the value of their products and better position them in the international market, thereby increasing their export income and enhancing their standard of living.

"IP tools such as patents, trademarks, and licenses are some of the most powerful ways of leveraging a product's distinctive value." -- Mohammed Garad, Light Years IP Senior Vice President

One Village One Brand

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), along with the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), is conducting a project entitled "One Village One Brand" in order to facilitate sustainable economic growth in less developed countries.
KIPO, one of the world's five leading intellectual property offices, is promoting increased global usage of IPR.
KIPO will dispatch IP professionals and branding experts in order to develop brands for local products, formulate marketing strategies, and provide education on brand development and utilization among struggling populations.


Korean experts visit the recipient country to conduct research and interviews and to hear the opinions of local government officials, producers, etc. During the visit, they will offer presentations to explain the basic concept of branding and intellectual property. Once back in Korea, the experts will create a brand and carry out branding strategies. A wrap-up presentation and corresponding lecture will then be conducted in the recipient country.

Qualifications: Farmers, producers, organizations, or potential producer groups residing in less developed and least developed countries.

  • Development and provision of a branded product
  • Development and provision of branding strategies
  • Provision of education on branding and IP

KIPO's Global IP Sharing-Brand Development

KIPO’s Global IP Sharing-Brand Development
  • Last updated 06 April 2023
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