In line with the notion of collaborating patent examinations by sharing and utilizing each other's examination results, we are endeavoring to raise our patent examination standards to the level of other IP leading countries in order to instill global confidence in the quality of our examinations. We established 39 examination standards on the basis of a comparative study of the examination standards and practices of the five major IP offices (IP5), namely the offices of Korea, the US, Europe, Japan, and China. In addition, we increased the number of application examples to 50 so that our examiners can gain a better understanding of the examination standards. We have also worked hard to ensure that our examination standards are suitable for international cooperation; in particular, we have translated the patentability requirements into English as follows.

Patent Examination Guidelines

PART I. General Rules
PART II. Patent Application
PART III. Requirements for Patentability
PART IV. Amendment of Specification, Claims or Drawing(s)
PART V. Examination Procedure
PART VI. Special Applications
PART VII. Other Examination Procedures
PART VIII. Positive Examination Guideline

Examination Guide in the Artificial Intelligence Field

PART I. Introduction
PART II. Description Requirements
PART III. Patentability Requirements
PART IV. Examination Cases
  • Last updated 23 November 2023
  • Patent Legal Administration Division