2001 Annual Report

Message from the commissioner
Introduction to KIPO
  • KIPO's Recent Developments (2001)
  • Recent Trends in the IP Field at Home and Overseas
  • Systematic Efforts for the Comprehensive IP Administration Innovation Plan
2001 Highlights
  • Application
  • Examinations
  • Registrations
  • Trials
Steadfast Implementation of IP Administration Computerization
  • Stabilization of KIPOnet and its Ongoing Refinement
  • Development of the Cyber IP Office
  • Expanded Role in Multilateral Fora for IP Computerization
Improves Efficiency and Quality of IPR Administration
  • Maintaining the Performance Goal and Improving the Quality of Examinations and Trials
  • KIPO's Role as PCT ISA/IPEA
Efforts to Advance the IP Legal Framework
  • Improvement of the Patent and Utility Model System
  • Improvement of the Trademark and Design System
  • Improvement of the Trial System
  • Improvement of the Application and Customer Service System
IPR Protection and Enhanced Enforcement
  • Revision of the Legal Framework for IPR Protection
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Measures
  • Public Awareness Campaign
Expanding the Basis for IP Creation and Commercialization
  • IPR Acquisition Campaign for SMEs
  • Student Invention Activities
  • Information Service for IPR Creation
  • Facilitated Transfer and Transaction of Patented Technologies
  • Assistance in Commercialization of Patented Technology
International Cooperation in the IP Field
  • Strengthened Cooperation with International Organizations in the IP Field
  • Enhanced Bilateral Cooperation with Other IP Offices
Human Resource Development in the IP Field
  • Main Role of the International Intellectual Property Training Institute (IIPTI)
  • Overview of Training Courses by the IIPTI
  • Training Achievements at IIPTI in 2001
Organization Cart of KIPO
Flow Cart for Examinations
Intellectual Property Related Organization & Associations
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  • Trade and Cooperation Division