2000 Annual Report

Overview of the KIPO Administration
Overall Review of the Year 2000
  • Applications
  • Examinations
  • Appeals/Trials
Constant Expansion and Stable Diffusion of Intellectual Property Administrative Information
  • The Launch of KIPOnet
  • Stabilization and Refinement of the KIPOnet Operation
  • International Cooperation in the Field of IP Information Technology
Streamlining KIPO's Administrative Procedures and Operations
  • Practice Efficiency in Examination and Appeal/Trial Procedures
  • Roles of International Searching Authority and International Preliminary
  • Examining Authority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty
Commitment to the Advancement of the IPR Legal System
  • Improvement of the Patent and Utility Model Systems
  • Revision of Trademark and Industrial Design Laws
  • Appeal/Trial System Revisions
  • Customer Service Improvements Legal Reform in the Newly-Emerging Technology Fields
IPR Protection and Heightened Enforcement
  • Legal Improvement on the IPR Protection System
  • Reinforced Anti-Counterfeiting Activities
  • Staff Training and Public Awareness Campaigns
Promotion of Invention and Support for its Commercialization
  • Deployment of the SME IPR Acquisition Campaign
  • Circulation of Patented Technologies
  • Assistance for Invention Commercialization
  • Trend Research and Utilization of New Technology Development
Strengthened International Cooperation in the Field of IPR
  • Multilateral Cooperation
  • Bilateral Cooperation
Human Resource Development Activities
  • The Major Functions of International Intellectual Property Training Institute (IIPTI)
  • The Major Activities of IIPTI
  • Training Results and Plans for 2000 and Beyond
B. Organization Chart of KIPO
C. Flow Chart for Examination
D. Intellectual Property Related Organizations & Associations
  • Last updated 8 November 2010
  • Trade and Cooperation Division