2009 Annual Report

Message from the commissioner
Overview of 2009
Statistical overview of 2009
Highlights of 2009
World-class IP service
  • Creation of robust IPRs through high-quality examinations
  • Customer-friendly examinations and trials
    • Paradigm shift in patent examinations
    • The two-track trademark examination system
    • The three-track patent trial system
  • Customer-oriented IP system
Expansion of global IP cooperation
  • Greater international cooperation on examinations
  • The IP5 framework of cooperation
  • Support for developing and least developed countries
    • IP sharing campaign
    • IP information systems and training in developing countries
Open innovation and regional capacity building
  • Campus Patent Strategy Universiade
  • IP consultations for SMEs
  • Capacity building for local governments
  • Korea International Women's Invention Exposition
Toward an IP-friendly society
  • Domestic IP protection system
  • Overseas IP protection system
  • IP activities for people who are socio-economically disadvantaged
Statistical data
  • Last updated 8 November 2010
  • Trade and Cooperation Division